Donald J. Trump 45th President of the United States


America made a mistake electing Donald J. Trump as President.

Enters Donald J. Trump as we continue through the ages mankind continues to evolve culturally, religiously, and financially. In quite morbid fashion at times engineering the likes of the Great Wall to the fascination and mystique of the Great Pyramids of Giza to the horrors of human bondage and war.

From ancient kings and queens to pharoahs, knights and gods mankind has produced incredibly talented and wise people to lead nations and push the evolution of our species to higher grounds.

Then, along came Fred Trump and Mary Anne Macleod and their brilliant decision to procreate. Well, some 70 years later their little Damien, I mean Donald J. Trump grew up to be the leader of the free world and he’s doing one “hell” of a job scaring us all with bombastic threats to Iran and North Korea that have us on the edge of nuclear war.

Donald Trump on stage
WASHINGTON, DC – JANUARY 20: U.S. President Donald Trump delivers remarks during the Armed Forces Ball at the National Building Museum January 20, 2017 in Washington, DC. The ball is part of the celebrations following Trump’s inauguration. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)8

The infrastructure of American integrity has been replaced with golden hair plugs, incomplete sentences and vitriol not heard since the likes of Adolf Hitler and it’s horrifying quite frankly.

The 45th President of the United States has made the office of the Presidency resemble the circus governments of some third world countries with nonsensical approaches to domestic and international issues and poems of snakes that no one finds interesting but himself and the GED hopefuls who praise his propaganda filled nonsense.

Notice I said “GED hopefuls” – Trumps band of special-icans can’t pass the GED exam because they disregard simple things like Trumps’ mockery of the disabled, countless insults of the minority communities of America and his “I’ll never say a negative word about” bromance love Vladimir Putin’s Russia Cold War enemies. I mean what gives..

America has lost its moral credibility electing this monster and the evidence of that over his first 100 days is astounding. Our Chinese allies are currently removing all Chinese restaurants from the hood because Donald Trump can’t complete any of his fragmented sentences without trashing them to the heavens.

Meanwhile, America’s Jewish Community can’t wrap their heads around the antisemitism running rampant in the streets of America as swastikas and hate crimes against Jews is at an all time 1940’s high.

The political right in America don’t seem to understand just how viciously racist, sexist, xenophobic and homophobic their Jesus loving party has become under the leadership of this madman but we the people do.

Think I’m being too hard on Trump-wish I could say I was sorry but that’ll never happen after the horrific treatment and verbal beatdowns the Obamas endured from Trump’s minions for eight years.

No mercy will be given here until impeachment hearings begin. You’ll have better luck finding that mercy in the northwestern states of this country. Yes, try there.

Trump’s disastrous first 100 days has left us all wondering if the End of Days is upon us-it’s actually a plausible conclusion given the pissing contest Trump is currently having with North Korean lunatic Kim Jong-un.

trump hugs a u.s. flag as he comes onstage to another rally with supporters in tampa, florida on october 24.

Since the end of the Korean War in 1953 North Korea has been an ever-growing beehive and a mystery to the outside world keeping the international community blindfolded as to its government and military practices.

North Korean leaders have also tested the patience of the West by continually starting tidbit confrontations with American ally South Korea while pushing their nuclear arms propaganda down the throat of anyone who will listen.

They’ve been asking for a fight since the Korean War ended and now cowboy Donald J. Trump and his war-mongering, send the 20 year old poor kids to war, special-cans are poised to start World War III.

From what was once called the White House but is now more commonly known as the House Melania Ain’t Staying In-Trump talks big talk bigly of sending armada’s to the Korean Peninsula while instigating North Korea with indirect threats while he perfects the front nine at Maralago.

Hey, the guy mine as well have fun while he orchestrates the future deaths of millions should war break out, right?

To add, these provocations between America and North Korea have put our trade ally China in a precarious situation because they have a bilateral relationship with North Korea which could cause the Chinese to inevitably pick a side if war breaks out-which in all likelihood it will- given North Korea’s recent propaganda video of nukes blowing up the White House a clear message of their intentions.

That said, no country in the world has talked this much crap and not had their asses handed to them by America so inevitably North Korea is poised to be the next Hiroshima or Nagasaki if King Jung continues this missile measuring contest with Trump-the man with tiny hands.

I’m concerned as you should be too if you have any concern for the impact nuclear radiation has on skin or the horrifying destruction a nuke can deliver to a city such as New York or Los Angeles.

As the Trump Administration makes more and more bogus attempts to cover up its ties to Russia and shamed General Mike “Lock her up” Flynn’s extraordinary talent at lying through his teeth about everything war is imminent and we’re all sitting ducks commencing with our daily lives as if the possibility of this isn’t upon us.

If you haven’t figured it out yet our President is scary delusional and believes the untruths he spews like a five year old who hasn’t yet comprehended right from wrong. To add insult to further injury we also have to tend with Ivanka Trump trademark deals from the Chinese Government is if her clothing line or products deserve such praise.

Clearly, high line stores Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus knew her product line was hot cooked garbage which is why they told her and it to GTFO. Unfortunately, Kelly Anne “scary face” Conway couldn’t keep her alternative facts big mouth shut as a government employee and tried to plug Ivanka’s toilet line as the best thing since sliced bread. Really Kelly? You can take any seat in the auditorium.

Furthermore, I couldn’t resist mentioning in this unfolding nightmare of an administration the crown prince Jared “I wear flak jackets over blazers” Kushner and his unbelievably cowardice look when in Iraq standing amongst real men of valor and honor.

What’s his position again? Oh, that’s right, advisor to the President, reinventor of government, shadow diplomat and brokering peace in the Middle East and rich dork. Sounds like fairly reasonable positions for someone who has no freaking government experience, EVER!

Trump in all his nepotism glory has been appointing friends and family to government positions they have zero experience or right to be given, as if they’re amateur actors qualified to act in roles on the big screen.

Well folks, sadly, we’re at a highly pathetic point in this nation’s history with an utter fool running the government and his army of Grand Wizards calling the shots-who knows what the hell is headed in our direction. I just hope it’s no nukes.

I’m uncertain of what the future holds for this nation or we the people who reside within it but something is certainly clear-the next four years of this Presidency will be some of the most frightening times we’ve lived in decades.

But, I’m sure President Trump will fix it all as he strokes the driver while on the putting green.

By: Reginald Jones